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The Program

Module - Basic theory

Theoretical module, which will help you to understand all the main principles of production stage and how to find best ideas for your projects and sessions.
This module includes two sessions:
1. Basic rules and principles of photography we use.
2. Sources of inspiration and finding your unique style.

Module - Photography sessions

During the course we will do 12 photography sessions. Each session will reveal the topics, aspects and principles on which our work is based.
The first stage of our shootings will focus on the following topics:
1. How to choose best locations for shootings.
2. Working with light. All light schemes and sources we use in our work.
3. The point of shooting. How to find best angle and position to show your idea.
4. Working with models and posing. How to choose a model, how to communicate with the model during the shootings, what pose to choose?
5. Gear and tools that we use on the set, cameras, lenses, flashes, accessories, etc.
6. What to shoot more that others do not shoot! The backstage.
After we will learn all the things and details about shooting process we will move on to the second stage of practical sessions – different types of shootings.
7. Wedding photography
8. Shooting characters with special make-up
9. Nude photography
10. Commercial shooting for business
11. Family photography
12. Fashion session

Module - Post-processing

12 practical sessions about post-processing in LR and PS. You will learn ALL the techniques and secrets of post-processing that we use.
Here are the topics we will learn:
1. The basics of post-processing in Adobe Photoshop LightRoom.
2. The basics of post-processing in Adobe Photoshop.
3. The basics of colorirstics.
4. Coloring photos in LR
5. Skin and body post-processing
6. How to add volume and depth to your image, working with chiaroscuro (shadows and lights).
7. Textures, blending modes and special effects: smoke, fog, fire, particles, dust, glare, bokeh, etc.
8. Areas of emphasis (accents) using sharpening, blur, temperature. Getting rid of useless details.
9. Stylization post-processing, creating photography story.
10. Wedding and family sessions post-processing
11. Fashion and nude sessions post-processing
12. SFX make-up and commercial sessions post-processing.

Module - Photography marketing

This module will be dedicated to photography business. Activity in social media networks and how to use it to promote your business and creative ideas, organizing your master classes, video blogging, creating video slideshows, etc.
Here are the topics we will learn:
1. Activity in Facebook
2. Activity in Instagram
3. Youtube channel and video blogging
4. Using messengers for best communication with your clients
5. Organization of photography tours
6. Involving third-party specialists to service your photographie projects.
7. Famous photographer’s master classes organization.
8. How to prepare the program and organize your own master classes.
9. Competitions under the patronage of FIAP and PSA
10. PSA and FIAP distinctions
11. How to create video stories from your photos.
12. Live translations and events.

Module - Complex photography project

This module will show you the creation of a complex photography project from the first stages of idea selection and concepts creation to post processing and finalizing the result in the photography story.
Here are the sessions:
1. Developing an idea and shooting plan.
2. Preparations for shooting: location, costumes, models, characters.
3. The session.
4. Post-processing stage.
5. Creating slideshow and preparations for publication.

Module - Working as a PRO

In final module we will show you how we create complex projects for ourselves! In this module, we won’t teach you or explain the details of the process. We have taught you for 43 sessions!
Now you are ready to become part of our team! During 5 sessions you will follow us on all stages of production learn the whole process of creating complex project. There is nobody who will teach you this way and no one who will show you such material!
Together we will choose the theme of the project and define all the components. Together we will create the story and style of the project. After that, you will have the opportunity to observe how we create the project from the very beginning to the end.
Two final sessions will be devoted to summarizing all the material and pointing out main things that we learned during the year.
This module will include 5 sessions:
1. The idea, discussion and analysis of the project.
2. Preparations for shootings, locations, costumes, creating characters, planning the shooting day,
choosing team members, organizing friendly and amazing atmosphere for the team.
3. Shooting project in PRO MODE! Quickly, clearly and following the plan!
4. Project pos processing, how to handle with a complex project in one day!
5. Preparation for publication and promoting the project. Project publication, backstage publication, video slideshow publication.
6. Summarizing the material.
7. Preparing plan for the next year.


  • New shooting experience
  • New post processing styles
  • Client’s base grow
  • More fun and joy from your business
  • Awards, popularity and many more!

How We will do the training

  • 6 fundamental modules
  • Every week we will send you 1 new session,
    50 sessions total
  • Every session takes from 1 to 2 hours
  • Home tasks after every session
  • Watch at home, no need to go anywhere
  • You will get download links to your email
  • Access to hotline and messenger group
  • 1 LIVE Q&A session every month for Premium and Advanced pack students
  • 2 personal VIP sessions for Premium pack students
  • Access to .psd files for Premium pack students and Lightroom presets for Premium and Advanced pack students

Money Back Guarantee

If you won’t be satisfied with our course by any reasons, we will do refund of your payment. You can ask for refund up till third session.

Your Speakers

Irina Skripnik

Viacheslav Skripnik

Select best pack for You!

base pack

  • Complete access to all 50 sessions
  • Access to closed Telegram group

advanced pack

  • Complete access to all 50 sessions
  • Access to closed Telegram group
  • Access to Q&A sessions
  • Access to Lightroom presets that will be created by Irina Skripnik during the course

premium pack

  • Complete access to all 50 sessions
  • Access to closed Telegram group
  • Access to Q&A sessions
  • Access to Lightroom presets that will be created by Irina Skripnik during the course
  • Access to Photoshop PSD files that will be created by Irina Skripnik during post processing sessions
  • Two 30 minutes personal consultations by Irina and Viacheslav Skripnik

Questions & Answers

Is it possible to get access to all session from the very beggining? No, because many sessions will be produced during the year. If I am the beginer or don’t have any knowledge about photography, will it be good for me? Yes, this course will be good for you, because we will included information for beginers too. What kind of support will I get? 24/7 support on any questions about access to materials, payments, program and about our course.

One year is too long. When will I get the results? Every session will include information that you can use immediately in your shootings or business and get results! Will you prvide home tasks? Do I have to fulfill them? Yes, we will provide home tasks, and we recomend to fulfiill them. Home tasks will help you to learn material better. Why it is so cheap? It is cheap, because we want that all people could have possibility to learn photography fast and easy!