Photography Master Class by Irina Skripnik, Odessa, Ukraine, December 4-5, 2018


Fine-art and portrait photography master class by Irina Skripnik, Odessa, Ukraine, December 4-5, 2018 .
Two days of shooting and post-processing. Lots of practice and theory!
Organizers – Irina Skripnik, Viacheslav Skripnik and ZAVOD Studio
+38-050-500-8232 + Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram
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Languages: English, Russian
Price – 250€
Reservation fee – 50%

Group – up to 20 participants.

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Workshop program is good both for beginners and for professional photographers.

For workshop participation you will need (recommended but not obvious):

– camera;
– lenses, it is better to bring portrait, wide angle and telephoto lenses;
– flash light;
– paper book and pen for notes, also you can use laptop during the lectures.


Irina Skripnik:
– destination wedding, event, art and creative photographer based in Odessa, Ukraine;
– true member of The National Union of Ukrainian Photography Artists;
– true member of Photographic Society of America (PSA);
– speaker at international photography events;
– Ukraine Liaison Officer for Photographic Society of America (PSA);
– judge of photography contests around the world;
– Official speaker for Nikon Ukraine;
– Official photography instructor at World Bodypainting Festival in Austria;
FIAP, PSA, WPPI and ISPWP award winning photographer, with more than 50 awards;


For over 12 years she is one of the leading wedding photographers in Ukraine region and one of the best art photographers in Europe. With special photography projects Irina has developed unique techniques of photography post-processing and shootings.
Irina Skripnik organizes photography workshops, master classes and tours around the world.
Workshop program takes two days of deep dive into the world of portrait, fine-art and creative photography. During the workshop we will do art photo session that will include demonstrations of the whole process from pre-production to post-production.
You will get a lot of useful information that can be used for commercial or personal creative shooting.


Workshop program:

Part 1 – meeting and theory.
Day 1 (10:00AM – 12:00AM)

The first part of our workshop will be dedicated to a group meeting, participants introductions, analysis of my work and my techniques. I will tell you all the stages of my work and what I do. You will understand all the stages of my production and what awaits you during the workshop.

1. About me and my photos.
2. Presentation of my past projects.
3. Discussion of my photos. What tools, equipment, techniques were used for production.
4. Sources of my inspiration.
5. Photo projects realization. Stages of preparation and creation of interesting and unusual shots.
Part 2 – photo session.
Day 1 (01:00PM – 06:00PM)

This is a completely practical part, the art photo sessions. All my students will have the opportunity to create beautiful pictures using my techniques and methods and add them to their portfolio.

During the shooting we will discuss next themes:

1. What gear you should use depending on shooting conditions and final result requirements.
2. Choice of locations.
3. What camera parameters and settings you should use.
4. Variety of light sources.
5. Accessories that help in realization of creative ideas.
6. Model posing tips and aesthetics of movements. Unleashing models.
7. Creation of special effects using available tools during the session.


Part 3 – the post-processing stage.
Day 2 (10:00AM – 05:00PM)

Post-processing. I will share all the secrets of my post-processing techniques. You will understand how to get maximum results from a minimum investment of your time. During the sessions we will discuss the following topics:

1. Technical equipment that I use for post-processing.
2. Basic software and additional plugins.
3. Analysis of the footage and the selection of successful shots.
4. RAW conversion.
5. Coloring photos with a LR ( coloristic )
6. Human body plastics.
7. Skin post-processing.
8. How to get volume in image, working with chiaroscuro drawing (shadows and lights).
9. Textures and blending modes.
10. Creation of special effects: smoke, fog, fire, dust, lighting effects, flare, bokeh, fabulous and dream effects.
11. Areas of emphasis (accents) using sharpen, blur, color temperature. Getting rid of useless details.
12. Work with the warm and cold areas.
13. The photo painting effect.
Part 4 – final discussion, questions and answers, summarizing the material.
Day 2 (05:00PM – 06:00PM)

During the final part of the workshop we will summarize all the material and discuss themes that were most interesting during three days of workshop. We will discuss works of students and I will answer all the questions of my students.

1. Conclusions and summarizing of the material.
2. Answers to the questions.
3. Discussions of students photos.
4. Certificates award.


Participation price – 250
To book your place you need to pay 50% of the participation price.
The cost of the ticket includes Irina Skripniks’s master class two days participation.
Your payment is not refundable by your request!
If the event will be canceled by organizers you will get complete refund of amount that you have already paid!

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