BACKSTAGE of photography project Awakening

On January 31st, 2017 I have organized my new photography project “Awakening.” In this video you will see how we made the shootings and how the the make-up was created.

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BACKSTAGE of photography project Coloring the Darkness by Irina Skripnik

On October 18th, 2016 I have organized my new Halloween photography project “Coloring the darkness.” In this video you will see how we made the shootings how the the make-up was created, which lighting I used and the whole process of production stage.

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Coloring the Darkness – Video Slideshow

Video slideshow that we did specially for the photo project Coloring the darkness.

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Slideshows for The Dark Krakow session

During my Euro tour I had lots of interesting sessions, but this one has forced my husband to run editing software and create the slideshow …
The result is amazing and a little bit sad.

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Photo project “Zombie Wedding” – behind the scenes video – October 2015

See all the stages of Zombie Wedding production. We shoot steps of this crazy project! Video includes built in English subtitles.

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Photo project “Native Americans” – video backstage – May 2015

Backstage video om my photo project “Native Americans”. Video shows all stages of project, preparations, shooting, post production and all our emotions and happiness about this. It was cool!!! I would like to thank  everyone who took part in it !!! Video has english subtitles. Project “Native Americans” Photographer – Irina Skripnik Video shot and…

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About wedding photography, wedding photographer services

New video! If you are looking for wedding photographer you should see this video!!!
Here I will tell you in brief main points of my work and all about my services of wedding photography. If there is something that was left untold – please call me!
Video has english subtitles.

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Love Story slideshow – Karen and Valya – May 2015

I present you the love story of Karen and Valya. Photo session was made in May 2015.

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Wedding photography slideshow – Boris and Iren – winter 2015

Wedding photography slideshow of first wedding from 2015 season – Boris and Iren.

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Wedding slideshow – 2014 wedding season review

I decided to remember all weddings of 2014 wedding season before the new season started. To my mind my idea was good. Everyone who will see himself in video should make repost give some Likes for video!!! Wish you love and happiness !!! TO ALL ALL ALL OF YOU!!!

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Wedding photography backstage – Leon and Anna

Wedding photography backstage of wonderful bride Anna and groom Leon. This was summer wedding in 2014. We have spent great time together. It was the most dancing wedding in my life!!! Video was shot and edited by my husband Vyacheslav Skripnik. This video was shot specifically for those who are interested to see how I work and feel yourself like my clients do.

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Backstage – Pre wedding LoveStory of Sem and Helen – full version

I decided to created this video especially for those who are interested to see how do I work. You will see the backstage from LoveStory session of Sem  and Helen. We had a great time. Many thanks to my models, you were an excellent. Video was shot and edited by my beloved husband Vyacheslav Skripnik!

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Backstage Trailer – Pre wedding LoveStory Sem and Helen

Backstage TRAILER of pre wedding LoveStory session of Sem and Helen.  We shoot it on 27.05.2014. Video and edit by Vyacheslav Skripnik.

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