My photo on a cover of official Nikon page

Well, my photo on a cover of official Nikon page for a whole month ! This page has more than 13 millions likes and followers :) Cool !

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Dark Magic – Backstage

Here is the backstage photos and video from our new project “Dark Magic”.

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New art project – Dark Magic

Dear Friends! I am happy to introduce to you our new art project “Dark Magic”.
We created this project together with Hollywood masters – SFX studio “FX Creator”.

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New awards from Denmark + LIVE TRANSLATION

Got pack from Denmark with awards! It was my first print competition under FIAP and PSA patronage, and I have got 5 awards!

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Vienna Workshop – What and how it was

Some materials from my workshop that I did in Vienna on November 2016. Check it out and see what we are doing on my workshops!!!

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Halloween project – “Coloring the darkness”

Well, we did it again! Almost the same team, with the same mood and the same humor, my second Halloween project – “Coloring the darkness.”

I want to thank all the people who supported me and took part in my project!

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Irina Skripnik’s website big update

Dear Friends, I am pleased to present you a new version of my website! Hello, World!

I would like to thank Andrey Davydov, Anton Kozhukhar and my beloved husband Viacheslav Skripnik for their help and support in creating this website.

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Free online webinar by Irina Skripnik – JULY 12th 2016

Dear Friends, on July 12th I will tell you about my award winning photo. You will see what techniques I used during production and post-production of this image. Also we will discuss photography business, gear that I use and methods of my work.

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We are back from Europe!

My great Europe Photo Tour is over! Photos are on the way.

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Review of Irina Skripnik’s work on WPS site

My photo, technique review and story were published on WPS site (Wedding Photography Select), wedding photographer photo technique section.

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I am going to Europe Photo Tour

In May 2016 I will visit Poland, Czech Republic, Austria and probably Slovakia. Going to organise from 5 to 10 photo sessions there.

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I have won the 1st place in ISPWP contest

WWWOOOOOOWWWW!!!!!!! I have got the 1st place in ISPWP winter 2016 contest, pure art category ! Also i have got the 5th place in wedding dress category.

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Nikon Rumors published my Zombie Wedding story!

WOW!!! Nikon Rumors published my Zombie Wedding story! I’m really HAPPY!!!

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Zombie Wedding took place in Odessa

Today, I have organized one of my crative projects “Zombie Wedding in Odessa.” I would like to thank all my friends who helped me to realize this idea and took part in the project. This project was made for demonstration of my skills in art and wedding photography!

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Odessa-2015 Panorama Project – Grebnoy Kanal

We continue the Odessa – 2015 Panorama Project – Grebnoy Kanal. New panoramas shot on May 9th, 2015 in the Odessa region.

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